Help with breastfeeding, sleep, and unsettled babies.

Growing joy in early life!

The Possums Clinic is now online. Our GP-lactation consultants, midwives, and multi-disciplinary health professionals offer specialised services for mothers and babies. With us, you’ll receive effective evidence-based help for problems with:

Baby sleep
Gas or wind
Allergy and lactose
Parent mood
Bottle and formula feeding 

Nipple Pain
Difficulty latching
Fussiness at the breast
Low or high supply
Tongue and lip-tie concerns
Excessively frequent or marathon breastfeed

The Possums programs are known in the research literature as Neuroprotective Developmental Care (NDC). We believe NDC offers the best available protection for your baby’s developing gut, brain, and healthy emotional attachment. Only our highly skilled NDC accredited health professionals offer services through The Possums Clinic Online.