About the Possums programs

Neuroprotective Developmental Care (or ‘the Possums programs’) offers a genuine paradigm shift – we flip much of the popular advice parents receive upside down.

Our work has been developed and published over the past 20 years from the latest research including in lactation science, neuroscience, evolutionary biology, sleep science, attachment psychology and a new set of powerful psychological strategies known as Acceptance and Commitment Therapy.

We’ve been transforming families’ lives in the Possums Clinic Brisbane since 2011, and in our research and our education of health professionals since 2005.

Possums & Co. is a highly ethical, values-based organisation with a reputation for kindness and no judgement. In an environment increasingly shaped and co-opted by commercial interests, our charity is founded upon a passion to help make a better world, by helping you grow joy in your little one’s early life.

We value integrity and respect, and place the best interests of families over commercial benefits. Possums & Co. is built upon the conviction that if we hold to our guiding values, our organisation will thrive… because if we hold to our guiding values, the parent and health professional communities will trust us and support us.

The development of our research and education programs has been generously donated by Dr Pamela Douglas and others in service of the well-being of parents with infants and comprises many years of unfunded work.

Our charity Possums for Mothers and Babies Ltd (PMB) aims to make the programs known as Neuroprotective Developmental Care or the Possums programs an option available to every parent.

PMB is a registered health promotion charity, and trades as Possums & Co., Possums Education, Possums for Parents with Babies, The Possums Clinic, and The Possums Clinic Online.

Our charity is independent and sells educational programmes (at minimal cost) in order to grow financially so that we can continue with our education and research. Dr Douglas established PMB as a charity so that no individual person made profits from our resources.

Note: There is no difference between NDC and the Possums programs

Our Values

Possums & Co. is a highly ethical, values-based organisation. We value integrity and place the best interests of families over commercial benefit. We aim to be true to our values in every interaction we have.


We are committed to honesty and transparency in our governance processes.


We aim to grow joy in early life experiences of parents with babies and toddlers.


We aim to empower our community, whether a parent caring for a small child, a health professional offering a consultation, an educator or provider working with clients or a member of our management team developing a new idea.


We aim to operate with integrity, honesty and genuineness, building trust with all who engage with Possums & Co.


We are built on innovation. We aim to embrace evidence-based innovation in our programs and everything we do as an organisation.


Our programs and our workplaces are committed to nurturing diversity of race and ethnic heritage, gender identity and sexual orientation.


Our programs and workplaces are committed to respectful communications at all times, and we have zero tolerance of bullying behaviours.