Are you a health professional practicing in the Greater Brisbane Area?

Are you confident when you refer your new mothers and babies to lactation consultants and providers for extra help that

  • they will receive (genuinely) evidence-based treatment
  • they will not receive unnecessary treatments, and that
  • they will come back to you, as their healthcare home?

Please consider referring mothers and babies who face challenges with breastfeeding, feeding, unsettled infant behaviour, sleep and parent mood to the Possums Clinic Brisbane and the Queensland Centre of Excellence in Lactation Support. We offer specialised, (genuinely) evidence-based support – and we protect a family’s relationship with their local GP, paediatrician and other providers.

Health Professionals

Please sign up here if you are a health professional who would like to become a Friend of the Possums Clinic Brisbane. We are asking for a donation of just $40 annually or whatever you can afford to cover administration costs. We would be very grateful if you’d send this online as a donation to our charity, which works so hard to offer high calibre services in the absence of external funding!

When you sign up, we will:

Become a Possums Clinic Brisbane Friend

Become a Possums Clinic Brisbane Friend
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Digital brochure for the Possums Clinic Brisbane
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“Brisbane Friends Map - Live Soon”

Look at the location of health professionals who are Brisbane Friends of Possums.

The Brisbane Friends of Possums are health professionals who refer into the Possums Clinic Brisbane, and who value our (genuinely) evidence-based services.

Note: Brisbane Friends of Possums are not NDC accredited. To find a local NDC accredited practitioner, please go here.


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