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Online Groups

“When Baby Comes Home” Antenatal Sessions ($50/2 hours per family)

Click here to read about this popular antenatal session, which Renee will run these online 10 am-12 pm the first Saturday of each month.

PIPPS for Parent Peer Support online

We’d love to think that you join PIPPS (Possums Integrated Perinatal Peers Support) for online support from a community of values-aligned parents during this difficult COVID-19 time, when so many of our local groups or support places are no longer operating.

The Possums Community Room

In response to the COVID-19 crisis, Possums is running free 40 minute sessions online every Monday and Wednesday at 2pm Brisbane, Australia time (AEST) for parents interested in our work and in participating in a generally supportive online chat. We imagine the Possums Community Room will become a place to find inspiration and courage as you live day by day in exceptional times you are facing as you care for your baby. This online get-together will be run by our NDC accredited practitioners. By clicking in to join us, you are demonstrating your consent to our rules (please read them below), so that we are best able to make this a safe and meaningful place for everybody. Join the Possums Community Room by clicking the button.  The password if prompted is 767786.

  1. The Possums Community Room is not a place for consultations. It is definitely a place for hearing a little from you, hearing a bit of information, and generally helping each other through unprecedented times.
  2. Please put your hand up (or insert your hand into our view of your screen!) if you’d like to say something. The facilitator will tell you when it’s your turn.
  3. Please mute your microphone until the facilitator says that it’s your turn to speak, then unmute. The microphone button is in the bottom left-hand corner of the screen.
  4. Please keep your video turned on, so that we can see you participating. However, we also know you will be caring for your baby when you tune in to us, maybe even a crying baby (and we know how incredibly hard that is). You might be out walking (if that is COVID-19 safe), or breastfeeding or bottle-feeding, or in the back-yard (if you are lucky enough to have one), or engaged in some other manoeuvre to try to meet your baby’s sensory needs. We understand we might see quite a lot of the ceiling, or the sky and trees (again, if you are that lucky) or your baby and yourself at odd angles. We don’t care about that. But the idea is that we are not facing a sea of anonymous black tiles, that we see (bits of) other parents doing their best to show up and be visible to each other under very challenging circumstances. Hopefully, you agree with us that this is important!
  5. Please get involved as best you can. Many of us naturally feel quite uncomfortable speaking in a new situation (and especially in the odd situation of random online groups) but make room for that unpleasant feeling and have a go anyway. …. Not that you have to. Whatever is best for you on the day. We want it to be easy for you to tune in, even if you don’t say anything.

Online classes or get-togethers

We are calling for volunteers from the Possums parent community to run free online classes of any sort, that you think might interest other parents of babies. If you have something you can offer online (like yoga classes for parents with babies, or singing classes, or kanga classes), please email with your proposal. Once approved, we will give you access to the Possums Community Room calendar to book your spot.