The Possums Clinic Brisbane is available for GPs, paediatricians, obstetricians – and any other provider – who would like extra help for families experiencing breastfeeding, sleep, or cry-fuss problems within the first year of life. We also see toddlers and preschoolers with sleep problems.

Possums & Co is a highly ethical charitable organisation. When you refer to the Possums Clinic, you can be confident that your patient will come back to you. We strongly support patients’ relationships with their local general practice and other providers and will not interrupt their continuity of care.

Our breastfeeding medicine GPs, lactation consultants, midwives, and multi-disciplinary heath professionals are accredited in Neuroprotective Developmental Care (NDC) or the Possums programs and work closely with Dr Pamela Douglas. We see babies in the first four weeks of life within 24 hours, if you and your patient ask for this.

We aim only to augment your usual services with specialised programs containing the latest, evidence-based, biologically aligned support for families. We offer:

  • Individual consultations in The Possums Clinic with breastfeeding medicine and sleep NDC GPs and our NDC lactation consultants and infant sleep specialists.
  • Shared Medical Appointments as no-out-of-pocket expense group sessions run by Dr Pamela Douglas with other members of the team, and are available for follow-up as many times as the mother finds helpful. An individual consultation with one of our clinicians prior to joining SMAs is necessary, to ensure safety. Special requests to have your patient join the SMAs without an initial 1:1 appointment will be considered – please use the message box below. 

To refer a family please submit the form below, and one of our friendly staff will email or phone your patient to arrange an appointment. Please don’t hesitate to phone The Possums Clinic 07 3177 2915 if you would like to request that a patient with an urgent need to be seen quickly.