The Possums Clinic offers group sessions for mothers and babies F2F, at the South Brisbane Sailing Club, 68 Hill End Terrace, West End from Monday 9-11 am (for babies 4 – 12 months) and 9 – 11 am every Friday (for babies 0 – 16 weeks). These sessions are one of Brisbane’s largest and well ventilated indoor spaces for mothers groups. Book in now by phoning 3188 7915!

You may book into as many of our group sessions, or Shared Medical Appointments (SMAs) as you need, with no out-of-pocket expenses if you and baby are registered with Medicare. Dr Pamela Douglas and Alanda Vincent will run Mondays 9am – 11am (4-12 months), and Dr Pamela Douglas and Dr Claire Morrow on Fridays 9am – 11am (0-16 weeks). Any mother and her baby is welcome at either session provided they have seen an NDC Practitioner either at our clinic in Brisbane or via online consultation. 

If your baby is not yet Medicare registered, it’s $50 up front – but you will be able to claim most of that back when the baby is registered. 

Mondays: parents and babies 4+ months

Topics may include sleep; feeds, including transition to solids; baby’s sensory needs; managing feelings of anxiety; developmental milestones; unsettled baby behaviour. Whatever you wish to raise can be discussed. Booking is essential! 

Fridays: mothers and babies 0-4 months

Topics may include breastfeeding; sleep; baby’s sensory needs; bottle-feeding; managing difficult thoughts and feelings; and preventing or sorting out cry-fuss problems. Whatever you wish to raise can be discussed. Booking is essential! 

More about SMAs

Dr Pam and Renee have been training health professionals in, and running Shared Medical Appointments, since 2015. The Possums Clinic collaborates with researchers Professor Garry Egger and Associate Professor John Stevens, Australasian Society of Lifestyle Medicine, in delivering, evaluating, and training health professionals to deliver SMAs in the perinatal period. This training is part of the NDC Accreditation Pathway – only NDC Accredited Practitioners are up-to-date and qualified to deliver Possums SMAs. For more information click here.