Sleep and Breastfeeding Testimonials Clare’s Story Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Pamela Douglas and the Possums approach, for all that you do for breastfeeding mothers! I discovered the Possums approach with my first baby, who had very low sleep needs, and I had been tearing my hair out trying to get her to fit with what I was told were normal sleep and nap routines for babies. My life with baby became so much easier and more enjoyable once we discovered Possums. With my second baby I had some breastfeeding difficulties, and again turned to Possums for help. I found the online Gestalt breastfeeding course invaluable in modifying my breastfeeding technique and helping my baby gain weight - without introducing formula or top-up feeds, which I had been advised by other sources to do. It also helped me re-gain trust in my baby and myself, and see ourselves as a team, which is exactly what I needed. Clare’s Story Zoe’s Story I cannot Thank you enough for the effort behind this program. On my journey with my newborn (currently 7wks) I have really struggled, especially with breastfeeding.  There is so much bad information out there, old- outdated advice and lack of realistic expectations of what life with a new born will be like.   Since purchasing your program I have finally found some sense to it all and have adopted the method with great success. My baby is having such better milk transfer and my over supply has settled down.  As a health professional myself, I’m empowered through Possums, particularly how the program is evidenced based. I’m recommending the program to anyone who will listen and have even purchased the book and become a part of the Parent Hub. Whilst my LO is still vomiting a fare amount and is unsettled at times however, I feel I’m making in-roads. Zoe’s Story Shae’s story I just can’t thank the lactation consultant and GP enough for getting me on to this Possums Approach Program. It has been a complete game changer and I love the mother I am now. Now, I am care free and just listen to what my baby wants. I no longer feel guilty about my baby napping in the car or pram or falling to sleep while breast feeding. I was always so worried about making my baby overtired or over stimulated instead of just enjoying her company. I was ready to give up breastfeeding at around three months due to how traumatic it was for both baby and myself. Baby would never settle after a feed because she was so stressed. Some days she just refused to feed because it was too exhausting. Your team got me through, this was when I was first introduced to the Possums’ approach. Since implementing things from what I have learnt from the program, our nights have improved remarkably. My daughter no longer wakes every hour overnight and resettles or falls asleep after each feed. I just can’t believe how easy it is . My favourite part is my new found freedom. I have stopped telling my toddler to be quite because the baby is sleeping and I don’t say not to social activities anymore. We can spend longer at the park instead of having to rush home for nap time. Life is just so much more enjoyable for the whole family. When people ask me what the possums approach is – I tell them it is the 3rd child approach. I no longer keep track of how long my baby slept or how long she has been awake or when I last fed her, I simply trust she knows what she needs. I go through a process when she starts to get grizzly I offer a new activity, food (breast or solids) check her nappy and if I still can’t entertain her or leave her alone, I offer her one last breast feed and off to sleep. I love the life my family has thanks to the Possums Approach. It is relaxed, spontaneous and fun. We just let sleep happen. Everyone always comments on how happy my kids are and I believe that is because I am constantly enabling and helping them fill their sensory cup instead of making them conform to a sleep schedule. Shae’s story Susan’s story “Thank you possums clinic, I feel liberated!! It’s great to not worry about sleep schedules, routines and sleep cycles and knowing I am are not only following the evidence but also my baby. She and I both love her falling asleep on the boob, now I have no worry that it’s a bad habit. I wish I had watched this for my son.  My daughter’s sleep is far from perfect but it’s getting better and we are experimenting with what works. We are all enjoying getting out more, such a shame about this Coronavirus might have to restrict us.”   Susan’s story Maureen’s Story The Possums Sleep program has been the most important parenting tool I have used so far (my son is 9 months old). It changed my life immediately and let me finally just enjoy being with my son. I didn't realize how anxious I had been about my son's sleep until when I started the program I just felt such relief. I let go of obsessing about how much my son slept and feeling upset if he didn't sleep enough, I stopped taking endless walks in the stroller, carrying him until he woke up, trying to get him to fall asleep on his own, follow a schedule etc. Now that he is crawling and he needs more sleep, I can be flexible and follow what he needs at any given moment and which often varies from day to day! The information, apart from being proven from scientific research, feels just so common sense and natural. I feel so very grateful to the Possums team for having had such a positive impact on my family's life. Thanks so much!!! Maureen’s Story Clare’s Story Have just started on the Possums journey with my 3 month old boy, first baby. I’m so glad a friend recommended you! I was looking at going down the sleep training app route but I was hesitant about getting a baby into such a rigid routine; it didn’t seem natural to me! I love your principles about day sleeps being anywhere (and not in a dark room with a sound machine on!) as this is what my mum did when I was a baby and this makes sense to me. I want a resilient child who can nap anywhere. I also love the discussion about different sleep needs of individual children and that it’s ok if your baby only wants to nap for 15-45 minutes at a time. It’s really taken the pressure of off day time sleeps, and we are all more relaxed. He is sleeping roughly 7pm til 7am now with only one feed overnight; it’s great! Thanks for everything you do! Clare’s Story