Dr Pamela Douglas and her team have been consulting online with parents and babies in Australia or from various countries around the world for many years, as the reputation of the Possums Neuroprotective Developmental Care programs (NDC) has spread. 

Renee Keogh

Renee Keogh

Ms Renee Keogh commenced working with Dr Pamela Douglas as part of the Possums Programs in 2015, and is a founding Neuroprotective Developmental Care Accredited practitioner. Renee is a Registered Nurse (NICU) and Lactation Consultant. She offers support to families with littles ones of any age who may be experiencing feeding concerns (breast or bottle), sleep issues and unsettled infant behaviour. Renee's calm and measured approach to problem solving begins with an assessment, followed by a forward plan, and then extends to provide ongoing support.

Robyn Fitzgerald

Robyn Fitzgerald

Robyn is an experienced lactation consultant who is based in Victoria, midwife /nurse with over 40 years experience working with families as they negotiate the joy and challenges that parenting brings. Robyn is now consulting via Telehealth with the Possums Clinic Online. Consultations are available in the comfort of your own home or via Skype providing one on one attention Antenatal preparation for bringing baby home, post natal breastfeeding issues, baby settling and sleep issues using Possums Approach.

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Sian Michalk

Sian is a Registered Midwife (RM) and Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) and is working towards NDC accreditation. Sian is mother to her teenage daughter. Sian is passionate about supporting families so that they can enjoy their journey whatever season of life they are in. 

Please text 0424 150 031 to book a home visit or click the link below for an online consultation.

Other NDC accredited practitioners offering consultations


Dr Pamela Douglas

Dr Pamela Douglas is Founder and Medical Director of The Possums Clinic and Possums for Parents with Babies. She has been a GP since 1987, and developed the Neuroprotective Developmental Care (NDC) or Possums programs out of her clinical experience and 20 years of research with various Australian and international teams. She first qualified as an International Board Certified Lactation consultant in 1994, and established the Possums Clinic in Brisbane in 2011. Dr Douglas is also an ACT therapist and breastfeeding medicine specialist. She is passionate about supporting families who are facing breastfeeding, unsettled baby behaviour, and other early life challenges.

Dr Pamela Douglas has accredited hundred of practitioners in Neuroprotective Developmental Care (NDC) or Possums Programs. To find an NDC accredited practitioner in your local area, please follow this link.